SONY IC Recorder

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Datasheet & Specifications
Memory Size 2 GB
Frequency Range brSHQ: 75 - 20.000 HzbrHQ: 75 Hz - 17.000 HzbrSP: 75 Hz - 15.000 HzbrLP: 80 Hz - 3.500 Hz
Microphone Built-in
Recording System Digital; Monaural Recording
General Features
Recording and Playback Times brSHQ-44.1kHz/192k: 22H 15MbrHQ-44.1kHz/128k: 33H 20MbrSP-44.1kHz/48k: 89HbrLP-11.025kHz/8k: 534H 25M2
Recording Media Built-in Flash Memory 2GB
Type of Use Ultra Portable Voice Recorder
Description Electret condenser microphone : ECM-DM5P; ECM-Z60; ECM-CS10; ECM-CZ10; ECMDS70P
Battery charger : BCG-34HS2KA (U.S.A. and Canada only);ECM-DS30P; ECM-TL1; Active speaker SRS-M50
Audio connecting cable : RK-G136 and RK-G139
Rechargeable battery: NH-AAA-B2K
Battery Life Record: 26 hrs/ Play: 30 hrs
Hardware Specification
Power Requirement Two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries: 3.0 V DC
Two NH-AAA rechargeable batteries: 2.4 V DC
Display Recorder Full Function Display
Audio Features
Microphone Sensitivity Feature Yes
Recording Features Digital Voice Operated Recording (VOR); Overwrite; Add; Divide
Convenience Features
Message Folder(s) Yes (5 folders)
On-Screen Clock Yes (12 or 24 hour
Date and Time)
Support Information
Warranty 1 Year
Physical Specifications
Weight 68.00g
Width X Depth X Height 16.00mm x 30.00mm x 103.50mm
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