About Us

Smart Systems Computers 

Back to 1991, Smart systems for Computers start the business as a software development factory, we did following applications:

Complex offices rental management 
Parking management, ERP
Software Programing training courses 
On 1993, start total ICT solutions provider with more focus on hardware.
On 2001, a subsidiary company Smart Soft established, focus on software components and contracted with Component Source “ a UK company selling software components https://www.componentsource.com “ to sell Smart Soft software components, also developed total solutions such as e-Commerce, massaging, schools timeline generation, ..etc, also, on 2002/2003, attend big governmental tender for e-government, but unfortunately, this was major reason to stop investment on software development, because ethical tender environment is not encouraging. 
On 2007, company property changed to LLC “ limited Liability Company “. 
On 2013 Smart Systems for Computer agreed to work as exclusive distributor for Neiraba Animation Studios, this include marketing and selling Math e-learning,
We sold 400 license to Limar Academy in Amman, and we donate 50 license to SOS in Amman, then after they tried it, they are convinced and asked to make English version, but this is costly and we regret.
For more information, please visit  http://school.neiraba.com
Neiraba Animation Studios, developed many e-learning media using multimedia with interactive approach. 
In reference to NRC RFQ/SY/2018/7893, Tender for i2SelfLearn, we have MOU with Neiraba Animation Studios, to be our subcontractor who will develop this project if we win.
On September 2017, Smart Systems for Computer registered at UNGM “ United Nations Global Marketplace “ as an ICT solution provider for all UN offices worldwide.
Established in 1991 as a national, Information and Communication Technology solution provider and all other computer and digital based technologies, we follow the technology by visiting many of international fairs around the world, Germany, US, Turkey, China, Dubai …etc., and also via the internet as we are alibaba Gold supplier since long time.
We believe in long term business partnership, we mean by partnership between us and all other parties in the business, this of course include customers as long as suppliers “ Vendors “, even we understand it to cover even our staff, that assure business sustainability and build customer satisfaction and confidence on our company.
Smart Systems for Computer and Technology has wide range of customers in most of sectors, government, military, air force, banks, education sector, hospitals and health care, UN offices, Transportation sector, hotels, telecom …etc.
Examples to proof our deep believe in long term partnership, we are one of the oldest distributor for APC by Schneider Electric “ APC disti. since 1996 ( Schneider Electric bought APC in 2007 ), also, we are the oldest distributor for TRENDnet worldwide “ since 1995 “.
Also, we are one of the oldest Bit Defender distributor in the Middle East “ since 2007 “.

We have our own brands for 4 products manufactured in big factories in China, products is :

  • Rack’s for servers and telecom.
  • Data Cabling.
  • Network accessories.
  • UPS’s “ uninterruptible Power Supply “.
  • Also, we provide most of ICT solutions such as :
  • Servers.
  • Storage.
  • Networking.
  • Printers and Toners.
  • Laptops, tablets.
  • Cloud terminal/Thin client/Zero Client / Mini PC.
  • Audio/Video solutions.
  • Video Conferencing and Telepresence. 
  • Computer accessories and spare parts.
On May 2007, we changed company type from Sole Property to Limited Liability Company (LLC).
The company have 15 professional employee, most of them is working for more than 10 years with the company.
The company is based in Tla’ al Ali, Wasfi Attal street, building # 6, and have 100 square meter showroom, and 100 square meter offices, and 2 ware houses of total 650 square meter space, also, we have service center for maintenance and repair all the technology that we sell.

Our Mission 

We spent many years working hard to be eligible for our customers and suppliers reputation.
Our mission is to help our customers maximizing business growth. 
Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with quality and services at reasonable prices.
Customers satisfaction is very important for us. 
We build friendship with our customers, because we consider them as a long term partner.
We always try to improve the quality of our service and support by exploring innovative ideas.
Sustainability is very big challenge and we achieved it.

Our Vision

Technology limit is the Sky, we share our knowledge with our partners.

Our vision is to offer solutions to all type of customers, starting from home users up to corporate and enterprise customers.

Some times, It is easy to make successful, but not easy to keep it.
Smart systems family, work as a team, and do the best to make customers happy.
We offer free consultation to our customers.

Smart Systems Doing

At Smart Systems we offer Solutions & Services, end to end value Results.


  • Small & Medium Business Infrastructure
  • Power Management Solutions
  • Networking Structure Solution
  • Surveillance & Security Solutions
  • Personal Computing
  • Printing Solution


  • Value Add Services
  • Support & Maintenance Services

  1. Follow Up on the delivery & Installation of all Hardware & Software.
  2. Responsible for after Sales Services & Warranty for all Personal Computers , Servers & Networking. 
  3. Power Products and its Software application.
  4. Training for the Selling Items .

Organizational Chart