MYRIA Gaming Kit 4 in 1 - Mouse keyboard headphones Mousepad

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Datasheet & Specifications
Gaming Kit 4 in 1 MYRIA MG7503


Mouse gaming:
Precision optical sensor
6 buttons and scroll wheel
Ambidextrous design

Gaming keyboard:
Illuminated Professional Keyboard (Red)
104 Keys +9 keys with quick functions
Compatible operating systems: Windows®98SE / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Gaming headphones:
Padded, comfortable ear protection
The support has an adjustable size
Hands-free communication microphone
Adjustable volume control

Mouse pad:
Size: 300x240 mm
The high-density fabric surface provides easy sliding and increased accuracy
Embroidered edges for comfort and durability
The support covered with a non-slip texture makes the mouse pad remain fixed even on glossy surfaces such as glass

Technical specifications:

Mouse gaming:
Connection: USB2 interface, cable length: 1.5 meters
Resolution: 800/1200/1600/2400 dpi
Technology: Optics
Size: 120x89x39mm

Gaming keyboard:
Key illumination
Compatible with any PC or Mac equipped with USB
USB cable: 1.50 m
Size: 460 (L) × 202 (W) × 25 (H) MM
Key sensitivity: 3.0 ± 0.2 MM
Power supply: 5Vdc ± 5%: Consumption: <2 W

Gaming headphones:
Microphone type: Omnidirectional electric capacitor
Response frequency: headphones, 20 Hz - 20 kHz; microphone, 30 Hz - 16 kHz
Impedance: chaste, 32 Ω; microphone, 2.2 kΩ
Sensitivity: headphones, 108 dB SPL at 1 kHz; microphone, -58 dB ± 3 dB
Connection: 3.5mm stereo plugs
Weight: 185g;
Cable length: 2.0 m

Taste your way to victory!

The Myria MG7503 keyboard gives you the response time you are looking for and a superior gaming experience, regardless of the type of video game.

Whether you're the main hero in shooters, looking for hidden treasures in dangerous dungeons or participating in epic raids, the Myria keyboard will be your main medium.

The keyboard is equipped with a red RGB light that discreetly indicates the key symbol. Avoid pressing the wrong key, due to the lack of light, when you are in the middle of a fight.

It is compatible with any PC, laptop or MAC equipped with a USB port , and the 1.50m cable length ensures the possibility to play at will on any remote device.

You can adjust the volume directly during the game or search for information at the touch of a button. At the top of the keyboard, in addition to the 104 standard keys, we added 9 more multimedia keys with quick functions for quick search, volume or e-mail.

Adapted to your style of play!

Besides skill, between a noob and an experienced gamer, the difference is made by the mouse and its settings. The Myria mouse fits perfectly to your style of play and you can customize it according to the specific needs of each game. Designed for the requirements of the latest titles, whether they are RTS, shooters or eSports games.  

Adjustable resolution

Depending on your gamer style and game genre, you can set your pixel targeting speed from 400 to 2400 DPI with a single button.

Do you know those extreme situations when the fight gets tighter and tighter and you struggle to keep your hand on the mouse? The rubber surface with an adherent role does not allow the mouse to slip, no matter how tense the situation becomes.

Instantly responds to commands due to compatibility with USB 3.0 ports . The 1.5m long cable allows you to play freely on any remote device.  

Upload your inventory with a single click!

Always be one step ahead of your teammates and arm yourself with the push of a button. The Myria MG7503 wired mouse  has software dedicated to the Macro function. After installing the software, with this function you can set on a single button a series of actions that you should do at the beginning of each round. 

Listen to the opponent's movements!

A true gamer always communicates with his team and listens to every movement of the opponent. Surprise your opponent and pay attention to every sound in the game. Myria MG7800 headphones with protections and padded pavilions eliminate background noise and offer you increased comfort even if you play for hours on end.

Enjoy your favorite games regardless of the device. Whether you play on your phone, tablet, desktop or console, headphones give you a superior audio experience . You can take them with you anywhere. The cable covered with durable textile material does not tangle and offers you long-lasting durability.

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